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Wait for ‘High’ before gobbling more cannabis edibles to avoid ER visit: Doctors

People who have never smoked marijuana could be most at risk of overdosing on cannabis-infused edibles that will soon be on store shelves across the country, warns a public health physician who says first-time users may keep noshing away while expecting a high, only to experience a racing heart, anxiety and panic attacks. Dr. Lawrence Loh, adjunct professor at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health […]

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Introduction to Cannabis 101

A Pyschoactive Medicinal Drug Weed, marijuana, dank, dope, ganja, sticky icky, broccoli, chronic… Those are just a handful of names that the plant, officially known as cannabis, goes by.  It is one of the most controversial plants in the world and it’s been celebrated just as much as it’s been stigmatized, and it all depends […]

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There is no difference between sativa and indica

Technically, there is no difference between sativa and indica cannabis. It’s all about the terpenes. Of course, among cannabis connoisseurs, it’s hotly debated. Sativas are supposed to be the coffee-like energy boost to your body and mind, while there’s a reason why indicas are sometimes known as “in-da-couch.” As in, don’t expect to be going […]

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Terpenes are what makes cannabis possible

What are terpenes? Terpenes are what makes cannabis possible. THC and CBD are in terpenes. You may be familiar with the terpenes produced by pine trees. Terpenes are an aromatic organic hydrocarbon. This is where the smell and aroma of the tree originates. The resin of a pine tree is the sap and can be […]

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